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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Liberty Reserve Shut Down & Perfect Money closes for USA

Libertyreserve gets shut down after its creator Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, 39 was arrested in spain in lieu of the ongoing money laundering investigations going on him.

Liberty reserve offered annonymity to its users. Unfortunately this is not the first time a payment processor has been shut down. Egold and others too were shut down previously.

The chances of returning back is very slim.

The current whois of libertyreserve

Domain Name: libertyreserve.comCreated On: 2001-07-27Expiration Date: 2018-07-27Registered via: XS Global Trade & Service B.V.Registrant Name: Allan GarciaRegistrant Organization: Liberty Reserve S.A.Registrant Street: Edificio 4Registrant City: Santa AnaRegistrant Postal Code: 1000Registrant Country: crRegistrant Phone: +506.88462868Registrant FAX:Registrant Email: business@libertyreserve.crAdmin Name: Allan GarciaAdmin Organization: Liberty Reserve S.A.Admin Street: Edificio 4Admin City: Santa AnaAdmin Postal Code: 1000Admin Country: crAdmin Phone: +506.88462868Admin FAX:Admin Email: business@libertyreserve.crTech Name: Allan GarciaTech Organization: Liberty Reserve S.A.Tech Street: Edificio 4Tech City: Santa AnaTech Postal Code: 1000Tech Country: crTech Phone: +506.88462868Tech FAX:Tech Email: business@libertyreserve.crName Server: ns1.sinkhole.shadowserver.orgName Server:

In another news, there are reports of LibertyReserve hacking
 This hacking wasn’t any ordinary hacking according to the news source, they report around 150 million dollars of digital e-currency was hacked / stolen out of LibertyReserve.

The Liberty Reserve site is still offline. If this is true, this will surely send chills through the spine of several millions innocent LibertyReserve users, who have few thousand Dollars stored in their LR account, which probably, will never be back again.


Shortly after this chaos,

Perfect Money too has decided to shut down its doors for US citizens. So any US citizen whether residing in USA currently or anywhere in the globe are not legally allowed to operate or own a perfect money account.

Dear Perfect Money Customers,
We bring to your attention that due to changes in our policy we forbid new registrations from individuals or companies based in the United States of America. This includes US citizens residing overseas. If you fall under the above mentioned category, please do not register an account with us.

We apologize for inconvenience caused

Both these issues will cause a lot of hyips and other programs to tumble down. Expect a lot of hassles in this week. Manage your money safely

Thursday, 16 May 2013

StarCityAds - Matrix Launching on 20th May

StarCityAds : This is a new program which has 2 parts. A revshare and a matrix part. Both has been combined.

This is from the trusted admin who has been running a similar matrix program called cooperative achievement plan for years. {also known as CAP}

1. Red Carpet Premiere Straight Line Advertising Package : This was launched on 10th May. Each package costs $10.5 
$0.5 goes to admin
$10 is split into 40 spots, where each spot will get $0.25 .
Each new package purchased will pay $0.25 to the next 40 spots in line.

These packages never die and will earn indefinitely as long as the program continues.

2. Matrix Advertising Package : This will be launched on 20th May.
It has 3 levels. 1st and 2nd level = 2x 2 matrix and 3rd level = 1x 2 matrix

Each package costs $10.5
$0.5 goes to admin.
$10 goes into 1st level

1st level cycle = pays $10 to member + 1 spot in level 2
2nd level cycle = pays $10 to member + 1 spot in level 3 + level 1
3rd level cycle = pays $100 to member + 4 spots in level 1 + 4 spots in straight line rev share 
[You need to activate a weekly subscription of $10.5 as soon as your position cycles level 3, its automated]

Already 5000 matrix packages have been bought. All the matrix packages purchased before 20th May will be randomized and then arranged in a order randomly after 20th May. So it doesn't matter if you buy now or just before 20th may. You can get number 1 or later. But you are guaranteed to cycle

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Goldalliancefund added & Trideci under Maintenance

Hello folks,
Today I will be adding a new Hyip to my blog plus updates on the existing programs

GoldAllianceFund: This has been launched recently with earnings starting just yesterday. Offers 2 payplans. It was passed on to me by my trusted source, so I thought why not give it a try. It has 2 payplans. The daily payplan offers 4.5% daily x 45 business days [monday to friday] whereas the biweekly payplan offers 45% biweekly x 45 days. Accepts all major payment processors and is using shadow's script which is one of the best in this industry. So good chances of breaking even if you sign up early.

Trideci: Trideci is under maintenance till 17th May 2013. So have patience while its under maintenance. I know you must be itching to surf your 10 ads daily but take a break from that and have a look at the other ones too.
This is what you get when you open
Welcome to TriDeci - System updates in progress.
The TriDeci website will be be undergoing some essential updates for approximately 24 - 48 hours.
We will be back before MIDNIGHT GMT on Fri 17 May.
Please do not panic. We are not going offline, and we will be back.
Thank you for your patience.
The TriDeci Technical Team.
SoloMicroInvestment : Solomi is doing fine. The only bug is the acceptance of STP deposits now. So if you are planning to join Solomicroinvestment then you will have to join either by Libertyreserve or Egopay. The categories % changes daily with cereals offering 2.5% daily now. So best is to diverse your positions in all categories. The payplan is very unique and rewarding.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Solomicroinvestment - Worlds fastest cycler

Hello folks,
Today I am going to update my blog with a new program.

Solomicroinvestment : Also known as Solomi
This is a new hybrid program which suits both active and passive  members equally.
For passive members = It offers 1.2 - 6% daily [yes variable] x 90 days
That comes to 108 - 540% ROI

Also a passive member can cycle his own spots. Every 2 spots he purchases, will cycle 1 of his cycler spot and earn him between $2.5 - $5 per cycle.

For Active members = The daily earnings percentage + reward plans

Reward Plans
Referral Bonuses $2.5~$5.0 (Unlimited)
Cycle Bonuses $2.5~$5.0 (Unlimited)
Star Bonuses $0.5*N*5~15 Level
Leadership Bonuses $0.5*N*15 Level
World's Fastest 1X2 Cycle , Quick! Simple! Easy!

1. Referral Bonuses (Instantly)
You will gain a referral bonuses of $2.5~$5 whenever the member you recommend purchases a position or at the end of the each cycle.
(The higher the star rank, the higher the referral bonuses)

2. Cycle Bonuses (Instantly)
You will gain a cycle bonuses of $2.5~$5 whenever you complete Tiny 1X2 cycle.
(The higher the star rank, the higher the cycle bonuses) 

3. Star Bonuses (Instantly)
You will gain a star bonus of $0.5 whenever any one of the individual member in your team completes Tiny 1X2 cycle.
The highest level you can gain the star bonus is up to the Level 15.
(Your star ranks determines the levels you can get the bonus from.)

4. Leadership Bonuses (Instantly)
The leadership bonus has nothing to do with the star ranks.
All the members are eligible to get the bonus from their team up to level 15.
($0.5*N*15 level)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Renew your Jubirev Subscription now

Jubirev/Jubimax : Jubirev affiliates can now renew their susbcription by logging in their backoffice. They will get a pop up suggesting them to renew their membership . Just follow the instructions and renew it.
You must have sufficient ecash available in your ecash balance to renew it. You can also downgrade or upgrade your subscription.
Members who have their subscription due between 1st - 3rd May will get a 5 day grace period.
After this their daily leadership bonus will end if they don't renew

Addwallet : Addwallet has been having few issues with their site. Its been offline for past few hours. Here's the latest update
Special Updates:"Conference call tonight" Thursday, 9 PM EST, May 2nd, 2013:  The number to call: 530-881-1400 and the access number is 196513#

Update: The AddWallet System Data center has been having difficulties through out the night and part of today. The system should be coming back online anytime. Be secure in knowing the AddWallet team is on top of this and it should be resolved very quickly. The outage is affecting the entire data center which in turn affects thousands of other businesses and not just the AddWallet system.

Please also keep in mind that our help desk web address is

Please do not email us or put in a help desk ticket concerning this matter. It will ignored and deleted.

Committed to YOUR Success,
Gofunplaces / Gofunrewards : It seems a sad day for this company and for its affiliates who are in USA. Here is the latest news I got from my upline
Acting on advice from legal counsel, Go Fun Places has ceased operations in the United States. The company will operate in Hong Kong. As of May 1, 2013, all operations and Affiliates in the United States have been terminated. Please direct your comments to

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Addwallet Increases Security

I am posting an important update regarding addwallet today

Addwallet : The update below was sent to our inbox today

Special Updates: Some of our members are having difficulties logging into there accounts. We are increasing security and updating different features over the weekend. I have told everyone on the conference calls that we would be performing these tasks. You will now see that we have implemented a new captcha box at the log in screen.

We are now monitoring IP addresses and blocking unknown or unauthorized access to accounts. We are now working on the implementation of the security pin and secret question.

 In a few minutes we are resetting all member passwords to what they were a week ago.This will only affect those members who are unable to log in at this time.

If you are not affected do not worry. If after we reset these passwords, you do not remember what your password was do not worry we are now implementing....the I forgot my password feature which will automatically send a link to your email so that you may reset your password yourself. This feature will be active sometime tonight.

 All paid members will be qualified over the weekend while these updates are being performed. Please be patient with us , we are working to protect you and your business.

Please do not go to the help desk with password issues. You may email me directly at or go to your up line who will then intern call me with any serious issues. Please try and understand that I am working very long hours and the more I am on the phone and email the less work gets done in the system

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and know we are here for you and working hard to make this the best online business in the world

Committed to YOUR Success,


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hourlychicpay and Gladiocash added

hello readers,
Today I am introducing 2 new programs to this blog.

Hourlychicpay : This program is in prelaunch currently and already getting the steam. It will be officially launched on 1st May 2013. Any one who signs up is being given a bonus $12 on signup!! Yes, you heard it right , there is no need to deposit and you still get $12 bonus in your repurchase balance on signing up. So get in this prelaunch period and use that repurchase balance to purchase shares which come at only $0.99 each.

Gladiocash : This is a paid-to-surf site where you get paid on surfing. Everyday you must click 4 ads and your earnings will be credited instantly. 1 share costs only $2 each. This was launched on 22nd April 2013. There is a 50% mandatory repurchase criteria here meant to create longetivity in the program.

Addwallet : There are some reports that certain users weren't paid. No official update on this yet. But this could be a glitch in the system or they might be queued for the next week . Remember to submit your withdrawal requests before sunday to be eligible for wednesday's payouts.

Important Update : Some members are not able to login their addwallet accounts. Here's what customer support incharge of addwallet has to say about that
From Brandon :- last night a keylogger entered the system and changed 120 passwords.....all those who cannot login, please send an email to with subject line CANNOT Login.....provide your AW username in the body of the email.

So guys go ahead and send an email to ""
Subject Line :- Cannot Login
Addwallet username - 
Name - 

Note : Do send emails from the email registered with addwallet

Jubirev/Jubimax : Only 3 days left for the "first wave" bonus to end. Those watching from the sidelines should jump in and try this legit and legally compliant revenue sharing program. Many more exciting things to come onboard